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Common Questions and Answers


Girdlestone Brokerage is committed to answering all customer inquiries. Contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible. For your convenience, we've listed some of the most common questions and answers here.


Can I do my own Customs clearance?

Yes you can, but it is generally more advantageous to save time, and money, and leave the process of clearing Customs to the expertise of a licensed Customs broker.


How do I arrange freight movements?

Simple. Just call Girdlestone Brokerage and give us the details. We'll gladly do the research to find the fastest and most economical means of getting your shipment from point A to point B.


How can I determine my costs?

Make a quick and easy phone call to us and we will do the complete calculation for you. We will also help you devise a formula to use on all your importations so you the customer, can quickly pre-determine your costs.


How can I trace my shipments?

We can do that for you, or provide you with tracking numbers so you can trace your shipments either by phone or online. See our Freight Tracking page for more information.


Can you consolidate all my Canadian bound shipments?

Yes. In the case of small package shipments, it serves importers well to have their freight consigned to one central location. Our warehouse facility in Buffalo, NY will receive your packages or pallets on a daily basis, whether it is sent by UPS, FedEx, Priority Post, or any other freight carrier.


What are the advantages of consolidating my Canadian bound freight?

There are two distinct advantages to consolidating freight shipments.


The first advantage is that the shipper will only be charging "domestic" freight rates for the product being shipped. Since they are shipping within the U.S., and not to an international (Canadian) address, freight rates are lower. And in many cases, U.S. suppliers will provide free shipping to a U.S. address.


Also, as a grouped shipment, palletized and shrink-wrapped, it crosses the border and clears through Customs as one shipment, instead of several shipments. Therefore, brokerage fees are greatly reduced.


I also deal in U.S. bound freight. Can GBL handle that too?

We most certainly can. You may have several U.S. customers you sell to. For example, you can ship your U.S. bound cartons all on one skid, all individually addressed to our facility in Buffalo, NY. From there, we'll break down the freight and ship out to each individual address, using whatever the most practical and economical method of transport.


How large a shipment can GBL handle?

We can handle full truck loads. Large skids? No problem. We will also store your freight for short periods of time as well.


Where can I find more information?

Please contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible.