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Customs Brokerage Services

Girdlestone Brokerage has remained very active in staying current with all Customs changes. We offer the latest in Customs clearance tools, which allow us to provide customers with better service and "quicker" clearances all across Canada.



PARS (Pre-Arrival Review System) was introduced by Customs to allow Customs Brokers and importers the opportunity to set-up clearances prior to the actual arrival of the freight. Since we can then set-up all essential paperwork ahead of time, drivers need only produce a barcode at the inspection booth, and in most cases will never have to get out of their vehicle.



ACROSS (Accelerated Commercial Release Operations Support System) allows us to electronically process the release of freight at any Customs office across Canada (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) without requiring an agent at that port. This feature allows us to maintain low brokerage rates, because the need to use and subsidize an agent has been eliminated.


One Trip Bonds


Girdlestone Brokerage is one of very few Brokers that still offer one trip bonds. These allow non-bonded carriers coming into Canada through Buffalo/Fort Erie to carry their goods and clear them "in-land" when they are unable to clear them at the border. This also allows carriers to enter at the port of Fort Erie and exit at another port without having to clear their goods through Canada Customs.


U.S. Documents


Girdlestone Brokerage can prepare U.S. documents such as pro forma invoices for shipments being exported to the United States.